Review of 2012 Porsche 911 Coupe

The Porsche 911 has been a stable coupe that has been offered by Porsche for many years. And since the 911 is facing almost have a century of having this car on the market, the makers of Porsche have decided to spruce up the image of the 911 for the 2012 year. However, will the changes be something that people want to see? This is debatable, however, some of the changes that have been made for the 911 this upcoming year are those that were really needed in order to make sure that people are getting something that is competitive on the market. 

2012 Porsche 911

For example, the company was able to shave around one hundred pounds off of the car. This in turn is going to get much better fuel mileage than most other competitors on the market. And this change has also allowed for the 911 to get a bit more acceleration than it has in the past with the car able to go from zero to sixty in around four seconds. Which is amazing time by any standards of sports cars that are out there. In terms of engines, the person is going to find that either option that they get, they are going to be satisfied with what they are getting. There is the six cylinder option that is going to give around 380 horsepower, while the eight cylinder option is going to give around 400 horsepower option. This is going to be something that is going to get anyone's engines revving, so to speak. Add into the fact that the person is getting a seven speed transmission that is manual, most people are finding that they are getting a great deal and a great performance car.

With all of these being said, what are some of the things that people are not liking about the new 911? There is a ton more electronic things that are added to the car in order to give it a more technology appeal to those that are looking for something that appeals to them in this way. However, most people are not liking the fact that there is so much more that could go wrong with the car that they are interested in. With that being said, most people are learning to accept that this is just something that they have to deal with. 

The driving of the car seems to be very appealing to those that are looking for something different. They are finding that it hugs to the road as though it was stuck to it like glue. Which is what the person wants when they are driving a sports car and are more than likely seeing what the car can do for them. So is the 911 Porsche something that people should be thinking of? Most definitely since they are going to be getting the new generation of the 911 that is something most people are looking forward to. At the base price of around $87,000 though, some people may have to save up for quite a while in order to get this as their own. 

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  • Mayara Says:

    September 27th, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    Driver miscalculated the truck’s speed. You can see he flheasd the truck twice before impact and that he still hit him makes me think he thought he had time and room to go around him. The slow speed in the dark fooled him and he crashed trying to switch lanes at the last second. Truck’s fault all around.

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