Review of Buick Envision Concept

The Buick Envision Concept is one that people can expect to see in the future that is going to show the world just what they can expect in the future from Buick. The Envision is one of the most high tech cars that they have come out with. The majority of people are interested in the fact that the engine is a 2.0 liter than runs off two electric batteries to give people the gas mileage that they are wanting as gas prices continue to rise. The roof of the car contains a solar panel that is going to help to recharge the battery while simply sitting there, something that other companies have toyed with, but not used in the cars that they have provided to the public. 


The style of car is something that states that there is speed involved with the car, as well as having a touch of elegance that most people have come to expect with the Buick brand. The body is a two door, couple like with doors that raise up instead of opening out. The grill is the spitting image of the traditional Buick grill styling, thus letting the world know that the car is indeed a Buick. The lines of the body on the car is something that is speaking volumes to those that look at it, each line is used to make the eye travel along the body and give off the intense feeling that the designers were wanting. 


The tires are made so that they are gripping the road much better and the chances of slipping while driving are dramatically reduced. The tires are twenty-two inches and are very dominant as part of the look for the vehicles. Which seems to be the goal of the car, making it look more intimidating with this huge tires that hug the road. However, when the car hits the lots those that test drive this are going to be thankful for the road hugging tires as this is a big safety concern that can be crossed off of the list. 


According to the images that have been released of the Envision, the interior is going to be able to seat five, though those that are in the back may feel a bit cramped from the looks of these designs. Though those that are riding in the front, have a lot of room and will feel very secure. 


With the look of an SUV and the handling of a car, there are quite a few things about the Envision that is going to appeal to the vast majority of people. However, the release date for the Envision has not been set as it is basically a concept car for right now, but with all the interest in the car, it would make sense for Buick to produce this.

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