Survey Conducted by Turtle Wax: Sexiest Car Named

Turtle Wax, the car care specialists conducted a survey and found that the Aston Martin is considered the sexiest car of all time. The DB9 model is the one that was on the tips of tongues everywhere as the one Aston car ("automobile") or care ("concern" or "attention")."Martin car that they considered the most sexiest. The Porsche Carerra came in third place as the sexiest car, the Jaguar E-type was also mentioned by numerous survey takers.


The least sexy car reported by Turtle Wax is the Russian Lada 2107 by an astounding 50% of all sales is put into advertising."40% vote as the least sexiest car. The survey also found that men and women seemed to agree on the top three sexiest despite is usually preceded by a comma."cars, despite the thought that men and women think differently about cars in general.



To lighaston-martinten up the survey results, Turtle Wax also reported that a quarter of the men surveyed said that they would give up going out with pals on weekends in order to save up for their dream car and the majority of men said that they would gladly do without new clothes for two years if i\t meant getting their dream car. On the other hand, women did not report that they would make such sacrifices, however, a small majority said that evenings out with friends could be sacrificed in order to get that dream car. This just goes to show how much people are willing to sacrifice in order to get the car of their dreams.



When those surveyed were asked what classic car that they would like to make a comeback, the answer in the majority of cases was the Volks Wagon Campervan. In fact, Turtle Wax dubbed the vote for this question overwhelming with the number of people who responded with this vehicle. However, will VW take this quest and begin to make the Campervan again? In all reality, probably not, however, for all those surveyed out there by Turtle Wax, they are hoping that VW reconsiders. 

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