SUV Recall by Nissan

Nissan has recalled around 271,000 older models SUV's that include the Pathfinder and Infiniti QX4. The recall is putting issued due to a steering problem that could be caused the salt that is found on roadways during snow storms or ice, in which causes the salt to eat through the strut housing, which could lead to the driver no longer being able to steer. However, the company is stating that they do not believe all of the recalled vehicles are going to be affected. 


There has been one accident that has been reported and they are still looking into whether the accident could have been caused by a steering problem that would be attributed to corroded strut housing. Those that are have one of the 225,650 Pathfinders that are model years 1996 to 2004 or one of the 45,330 Infiniti QX4 that are model years 1997 to 2003, then they should expect to get a recall notice in the mail sometime around mid May. 


However, not everyone with these SUVs are going to be affected. These recalls are mainly happening in the northern states where they are subjected to salt due to weather, as well as Canada. However, if you have lived in these types of areas with your SUV and recently moved to warmer weather, it would not hurt to have the vehicle checked out, after all you do not want to lose steering going down the road, which is what will happen should the strut housing become corroded and simply fall apart. 


Nissan has said that if a problem is found in any one of the recalled vehicles that they will be fixing the problem for free. However, those that do have the SUV fixed, should expect for the repair to take a bit longer than normal since it is replacing a strut housing and making sure that the steering is still intact. Nissan has said that in order to check the SUV's it should take no longer than thirty minutes per vehicle.

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