Tips for Buying Used Cars

When it comes time for a new vehicle, the majority of people in the world end up purchasing used cars. There is no problem in this as long as you make certain that you are getting what you pay for, which is harder sometimes than what it should be. For those that are looking to buy a used car, keep a few tips in mind and you should walk away with a sound investment.

For starters, if you know what car you are interested in that is great. For those that do not, test drive and compare those that you are considering. Once you have the car or cars in mind, do some research. You want to make sure that you are getting a good deal so research just how much a car in the condition it is in, with the mileage that it has should go for. This a great piece of information to have for bargaining reasons. Most people use the Kelley Blue Book to find out this amount, and it is a great resource since the majority of dealers use the same one. Armed with this information, you can make sure that you are getting what you paid for and not overpaying for something that you could find elsewhere for much less.

Buying Used cars

Also do a check to make sure that the vehicle that you are interested in is not considered a lemon. There are many models out there within a certain time frame that are more prone to problems. So double check this to make sure that the odds are not stacked even higher against you.

Secondly, ask for a vehicle report on the car, which is something that the majority of car dealers are offering now anyway. The reason for this is that it will tell all the accidents that a car has been involved in and what type of damage that it received. If the vehicle report is clean, then you know that you are getting a good solid car. However, if wrecks or water damage is indicated on the report then steer clear because you never know when these things will come back and haunt you.

When you are researching used cars, the place you buy from will also play a role in getting a good deal or not. For example, buying privately may be your way of choice, however, there will more than likely be no car report on the vehicle. If you buy from a dealer you may be able to negotiate the price down more and even be eligible for some type of warranty which gives you greater peace of mind.

When it comes time for the test drive, there are numerous tips that you can use to make sure that you are getting the best car for your money. First, try to test drive the vehicle on a day that it is cold, before anyone else has had the opportunity. Why? Simply because this will truly test whether the car has any deep dark problems. Those cars that are harder to start on cold days usually indicate a bigger problem and should be avoided. Secondly, make sure that there is no other other noise in the car, such as radios and whatnot. You will want to hear the engine and listen carefully for any pings or knocks while driving and stopping. In addition, check to make sure that the gears are sliding effortlessly, if you are feeling a lot of jerking then this could mean a bigger problem.

Another huge tip to remember is that you can take used cars to your mechanic for them to look over to make sure that the investment is going to be a sound one. Though many dealers do not like you to do this, you simply need to state that without the opinion of your mechanic then there is no deal to be made. However, if the car is certified through the dealership, then you should have no problem and a trip to your mechanic is unnecessary.

A few other things to do is to pop the hood and check the fluid levels to make sure that they are where they should be. If not, then this signifies that either the car has not been taken care of or there is a leak somewhere. In either situation, it is a car that you do not want. Secondly, a trick that many consumers use is to take a napkin or towel and rub it inside the exhaust. This will show you whether the car is burning oil or not. Remember, though a little black residue is to be expected. But, if you can distinctly see oil on the rag, then step away.

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