Top 10 Used Cars

Buying a used car requires a good deal of research and budgetary considerations: up-front costs are only the beginning. The best used cars are affordable to buy, easy to maintain, and cheap to own. That having been said, what are the top ten used cars for budget-conscious consumers?

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10. Chevrolet Aveo

top 10 used carsGeneral Motors has a bad (but consistent) habit of canceling their most successful brands and replacing them with something similar — albeit something with a different name. This is how the Chevrolet Aveo became known as the Sonic. Both cars fall into the subcompact category, and both cars are super-affordable to purchase, even as new models. But, as of the 2013 model year, the Chevrolet Aveo is a discontinued brand. This makes it more affordable to buy, as people naturally attach a lower price tag to a discontinued brand. Furthermore, the Chevrolet brand is “domestic” for North American buyers, resulting in lower prices for replacement parts, maintenance, and car insurance premiums.

9. Pontiac G6

top 10 used carsWhile General Motors typically cancels its car brands, it rarely discontinues an entire company. However, as part of its 2009 bailout and restructuring, the company eliminated its popular and long-running Pontiac line of cars. When it did so, it stopped producing the popular Pontiac G6 compact sedan. The car gets between 30 and 40 miles per gallon, is cheap to maintain, and has come down in price since the brand disappeared and future models were cancelled. Its status as a sports car means that it still looks current, but it won’t cost more to insure or operate.

8. Honda Fit

top 10 used carsThe company’s subcompact sedan and hatchback model is affordable even as a new car, but the company’s used models are going for nearly the same amount as the used (and discontinued) Chevrolet Aveo. Honda is notorious for cars that get excellent gas mileage, and road tests have seen the Honda Fit score near 40 miles per gallon even on bad days. That makes it overall affordable and easy to own in a word of near-$4 gasoline.

7. Mazda Protege

top 10 used carsThe newest Mazda Protege is now nine years old, which might turn off some used car buyers. But the Protege was famous for its excellent gas mileage as well as its durability, and it still represents one of the best compact car values on the market — at least for used models. The Protege was given very forward styling, making it fit in well among current models even a decade after its discontinuation.

6. Honda Civic Hybrid

top 10 used carsThe Honda Civic has always been one of the most affordable compact sedans, and the company’s hybrid model has long been far more affordable than the competing Toyota Prius. The car’s engine is notoriously low-maintenance, and its gas mileage is as stellar as one would expect from a hybrid model. Insurance costs are a bit higher on the hybrid version of the Civic, but they are more than balanced out by the car’s fuel savings.

5. Toyota Prius

top 10 used carsThe best way to get a Toyota Prius is to buy used, as the used version of this popular (and industry leading) hybrid vehicle is far more affordable than a new model at a Toyota dealer. The cost of ownership is a bit higher with Toyota vehicles, but it’s a small price to pay for near-guaranteed quality.

4. Subaru Impreza

top 10 used carsIt’s one of the often-forgotten Asian car manufacturers, but Subaru produces a number of reliable vehicles that sell for less than competing models in their market niche. The Impreza is no exception, and customers will find that the cost of Subaru ownership is more affordable both at the time of purchase and over the course of vehicle ownership. With rising gas prices and increasing cost of living expenses, owning an affordable car is a good choice.

3. Pontiac Vibe

top 10 used carsConsumers in the market for a hatchback model need look no further than the domestic Pontiac Vibe. It comes with all the price advantages paired with the Pontiac G6 — mainly, that the brand was discontinued and is no longer in favor — but it has extra room and a more storage space for families and those who do a lot of traveling. The Pontiac Vibe is a great choice for buyers who need a family-oriented vehicle while not wanting to drive a mini-van.

2. Ford Escape

top 10 used carsFord has committed itself to higher-quality vehicles in the past decade, and its Ford Escape model is among the most popular compact SUVs on the market. There’s a good reason for that: it’s affordable to buy, reliable to drive, and cheap to own. That all holds true for used models of the vehicle, which are a steal for most used car shoppers. At the present time, cars that are not only inexpensive to purchase, but also inexpensive to maintain (with rising gas prices), the Escape is a great option.

1. Mazda3

top 10 used carsFor a sporty, compact sedan at an affordable price, the Mazda3 is the clear winner. Mazda has notoriously reliable cars that often see the 200,000 mile mark and, because they are among the most common Asian manufacturers insured in the United States, buyers won’t be charged an arm and a leg for liability coverage.

What’s Next?

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