Unbiased Car Reviews

When the time comes to buy a new car, prospective buyers will want to do their research to make sure that they are getting everything they want. This is to ensure that they are getting something that is going to fit their needs, rather than being talked into something by someone that is selling the car on the lot.

unbiased car reviews

With that being said, the buyer will find that when it comes to reviews about these cars that there are those reviews that are meant to make the person want to buy the car, and are more like a piece of advertisement for the automaker. While there are other reviews that are going to be unbiased and be something that is full of legitimate facts. The idea is to read the unbiased reviews so that you can make up your own mind about a car, and will more than likely find that you are much happier with the car.

Characteristics of Unbiased Car Reviews

An unbiased car review is going to have several aspects about it that are going to point to it being something that is unbiased. The person will find that if they are reading these carefully, that they can find the unbiased reviews rather easily.

  1. Unbiased reviews are not going to point out every single detail about the car that makes it that is awesome. Yes, the reviews will point out the good points of the car, but they will also point out the bad points.
  2. In most cases, the reviews may mention the competition in terms of what cars are comparable, however, it will never say that this car is better than this car because of whatever reason, as this can be considered to be a way to get the person to look at a certain car.
  3. Unbiased reviews will not be on websites that are devoted to one specific brand of vehicle
  4. Those that read the unbiased review will walk away with the idea that the author has no care as to whether you buy this car or not, and they are basically calling them as they see them.

Where to Find Unbiased Car Reviews

For those that are eager to learn more about the car that they are considering buying, then they should consider the following websites and publications as the way to go when looking for these unbiased car reviews:

  1. Edmunds.com
  2. Cars.com
  3. MotorTrend.com or Motor Trend magazine
  4. CarandDriver.com

Places to Avoid When Searching for Unbiased Car Reviews

Once the person begins their shopping, they are going to find that there are a few places that they are going to want to avoid if they are only wanting to read unbiased reviews of the cars that they are interested in finding:

  1. The manufacturer press release is not a good place to start, as the manufacturer is not going to point out what is wrong with their own car, they can get some specifications from these press releases that can be helpful but that is about it.
  2. Avoid many consumer sites that are going to be ripping these cars to shreds, simply because they did not like what they ended up with. Though, many people consider the consumer report to be something that they can rely on, most of the reviews have to be read with a grain of salt and simply looked over.
  3. Blogs are usually something to avoid, the reason being is that the person may be making so much money off of the person that visits the blog to read the review, thus they are going to want to make sure that their review puts the car in the best light that is possible.

Aspects that the Unbiased Review Should Contain

Those that are reading these reviews, are going to notice that there are several things that the review should contain, and if the review does not contain these things then they may want to consider finding the review from another source:

  1. Performance aspects that include the engine size, transmission options, horsepower and so forth. All of this information should be something that the person could find out on their own through the manufacturer website and include no fluff.
  2. Safety information including the ratings that the car has received, as well as the safety equipment that is on the car to help people should they become in an accident.
  3. The price and trim levels that are available, with no selection of which is better and which is not going to be something that the person wants
  4. Negatives about the car, and positives about the car that can be seen and noted
  5. Comparisons to the last year’s model

Despite what people think it is completely possible to find an unbiased car reviews to make their decision about a new car. They are going to find that they have to do some research in order to find these and that if they are reading these they should be actively making sure that they are not biased in any form. To find out which auto insurance is best for you, enter your ZIP code into our FREE comparison tool below!

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