What are the safest used cars?

what are the safest used carsUsed cars offer a significant price advantage over new vehicles, even if they’re only a year or two old. They can have other disadvantages, however. For instance, used cars may not have the same kinds of safety features as a brand new vehicle. They may also have a past driving history that renders them less safe than a car with no previous owners.

The good news is that it’s relatively easy to find a safe, affordable used car that your auto insurance company will cover without excessively high fees. Simply enter your ZIP code into the FREE auto insurance comparison tool above!

Do Your Research

Taking the time to find out general information about the manufacturer and model you’re considering, as well as specific information about a given vehicle, can help you avoid cars that could be dangerous. The process might take a little time and money, but it’s worth it to know that the car you’re buying will perform reliably and safely, no matter what.

1. Model Information – One advantage of finding used cars over new vehicles is that they have a known history. This means that you can find out how safe a specific model and year really are. Consider looking up articles and accident records for the vehicle you want to buy. Even checking it in a search engine could tell you a lot.

Many websites and auto magazines keep lists of the safest cars for a given model year. They’ll even tell you why a car has been rated a specific way. If a vehicle has been the subject of a recall for defective parts, has a high profile that makes it flip over easily or is known for being difficult to control under certain conditions, you might want to choose another car.

2. Vehicle Background Checks – Even if the model and year for the car turns out to have a great safety record, the individual vehicle might not fare so well. After extensive repair work, it’s hard to tell if a given car was even in a serious accident. You could be buying a car that a past insurance company wrote off as a loss. These vehicles look just fine on the outside in many cases, but they can hide underlying structural faults that could be dangerous or even deadly.

are the safest used carsTo reduce the risk of getting a car that has a dark past, do a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) check. By getting this number from the seller, you can look up everything that has ever happened to this car on the official record. This makes it simple to avoid cars that have been in accidents or other problems circumstances and choose cars that will perform well.

3. Mechanical Checkups – You should never buy a house without having it inspected by a professional, and the same goes for your car. Vehicles purchased from dealers have been checked by the service department at the dealership, but unless they’re officially certified by the manufacturer, they could still have problems.

The seller should allow you to take any used car you’re thinking about purchasing and have it looked over by a mechanic you trust. This will allow you to find out about worn mechanical parts, systems that don’t quite work correctly and any major maintenance the car may require. It’ll also let you know if the car comes with any serious safety problems.

Even if the car presents with problems that you didn’t know about when you went into the deal, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it. It does give you a reason to ask for concessions during the negotiation process, however. You should always know as much as you can about any car you’re thinking about purchasing, even if it means paying for a checkup before you close the deal.

Consider Your Situation

A car’s record doesn’t tell the whole picture when it comes to safety. A vehicle that could be perfectly safe in the hands of one driver is dangerous with someone else behind the wheel. Spend some time thinking about your specific situation and who will be driving and riding in the car.

If you’re buying the first car for a teenager in your family, you may want to avoid SUVs and body-on-frame pickup trucks, for instance, since their higher center of gravity makes it easier for an inexperienced driver to handle. Smaller drivers may also wish to avoid these cars, since their large bodies and high seats can make it harder to see other cars on the road around them.

the safest used carsAuto Insurance and Safety Features

One way to easily assess the safety of a used car is to check out insurance rates. Generally speaking, insurers tend to charge more for cars that are more likely to be in accidents. Rates also go up for cars that cause more injuries when an accident occurs. Take some time to find a good car insurance comparison site and enter your ZIP code to get quotes from a wide range of insurers.

This information can tell you the changes that your potential vehicle will be in an accident, its safety during crashes, and the risk of other problems associated with it. Cars that don’t cost much to insure also tend to be safe cars, making them a great choice for anyone who wants to stay secure and save money at the same time.

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