Where Can I Find Alamo Rental Car Reviews?

For those that are considering renting a car for a special occasion or for when they go on a vacation, they know that there are tons of rental companies that are out there that the person can choose from. One of these companies is Alamo, which has been in business for several years and provided people with the rental cars that they are needing. However, many people want to check out reviews that have been written on the company in order to make sure that the company is a good fit for them, which is always something that the person should do in order to look out for their own best interest.

alamo car rentalWhat Will These Reviews on Alamo Car Rentals Contain

There are several aspects that are going to be written about within these reviews. The person will find that these reviews are going to contain to several pieces of information that can affect their reasoning as to whether to use Alamo or not:

  1. Price
  2. Customer Service
  3. Quality of Car
  4. Ease of Getting and Returning the Vehicle


In most cases, the person will find that there are many comments about the price of Alamo in comparison to what other people are offering for their car rentals. This is something that is of high importance to those that are looking for a rental car since they want to get the best deal that is possible.

Customer Service

The person will find that in most reviews that the person is going to find an in-depth analysis of the customer service that the person had to deal with. They may state just how long the wait time was to pick up the car, how helpful the staff was and basically anything that the person feels as though is something that other consumers would want to know about

Quality of Car

One of the most important factors that are going to be discussed when it comes to the review of Alamo is the fact that the person wants to know about the car that they received. Through this portion of the review the person will discuss the car options that they received to choose from, the way that they were maintained, and other information that is going to help choose the best rental agency that is out there for the person.


The person will also comment on the ease of getting and returning this vehicle. No one wants to find themselves in a position in which they are basically having to spend extra hours to pick up the car or return it to rental agency. This is something that people are not going to want deal with when they are picking a rental agency to use, and it can be the one thing that turns people away from dealing with this rental agency.

Who Writes These Reviews

Those that are reading these reviews are going to find that usually these reviews are written by those that have experience with the rental agency. They will find that this allows for more personal touches added to the review to make it more realistic and believable. Plus, those that are reading a review written by someone that has been there and done that, then they know that they are getting the information first hand and it will be helpful.

There are those reviews that are written by professionals, however, they will usually only contain things such as:

  1. Price of cars
  2. Car Selection

And basic factual information that the person can find for themselves on the Alamo website if they take the time to look.

The person will find that the personal written reviews are going to be much more helpful than the other types of reviews that are out there.

Where to Find Alamo Reviews

The main question that people have once they know what to expect with these reviews, is just where can they get these reviews from. The best way is through websites that are out there. The person will find that the easiest way to get reviews is to look online because several sites are going to have the information that the person is looking for written out there and ready to use. Some websites to consider when looking for these reviews:

  1. Viewpoints.com: these are written by those that have been with the company and tried it out and gives helpful advice as to whether to choose Alamo or not
  2. Yelp.com: very similar to viewpoints and allows anyone to post a review or comment about Alamo.
  3. Ripoffreport.com: this is a great site to find information that may not be very becoming of the company and will give a good idea of what many people have complained about in the past.

Overall, when wanting to find a rental car agency that you can trust, finding these reviews is something that the person must do to have a better peace of mind. The person will find that Alamo is one of the trusted car rental agencies out there that they can choose from and reviews will confirm this.

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  • Bjoern Says:

    March 25th, 2012 at 10:16 am

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