Where is the best place to find classified ads for used cars?

Buying a used car makes a lot of sense. New cars lose value almost instantaneously as the buyers drive them off the car lot. Cars continue to depreciate in value through the components of time and miles added to the odometer reading. While a car’s value may have depreciated significantly since its original purchase, many used cars are still in great condition. You may be entering your ZIP code into a car insurance rate comparison site online looking for the most affordable car insurance on your new car, but you also are trying to find some great classified listings for used cars. So where is the best place to find classified ads for used cars?

is the best place to find classified ads for used carsOlder Methods

A common but rather dated method for searching for classified ads for used car listings is to look in the local newspaper publications that service your town or city. Smaller towns as well as larger cities metropolises largely still have a newspaper that will accept a car seller’s used car listing. While this was once one of the only ways for a direct seller to list a car for sale, there are now other more popular options.

Sellers List Where the Buyers Are

Used car sellers have become savvy over the years. They know that in order to sell their vehicle more quickly and for top dollar, they have to place their listing where the buyers are. Most buyers are on the Internet, and this means that most car sellers’ listings are also on the Internet. So which types of websites show used car listings? Consider these:

  • Website for local print newspaper
  • Websites that cater to used car classified listings
  • General websites that list all types of merchandise for sale
  • Auction-type websites

Who Uses These Websites?

Posting used car listings is generally a free way to advertise a car for sale, although some of the sites do charge a small fee for a premium ad with multiple photos. Because of how affordable, convenient and effective it is for a seller to list a car on these sites, these sites are growing in popularity. Many different types of sellers will list their vehicles for sale on these sites, including:

  • Car owners
  • Car collectors
  • Car dealerships
  • Smaller used car companies

where is the best place to find classified ads for used carsThis means that searching online allows you to view hundreds or even thousands of vehicles available for sale close to your home.

Sorting Through the Options

Because of the incredible number of listings you have access to through an Internet search, it can be difficult to sort through all of the options available to you. Somehow, you will have to narrow down the choices available to you so you can find the right car to buy. Consider these steps:

  1. Think about what you are looking for in a car. Is it more important for you to purchase a vehicle that is affordable to drive with low gas mileage? Do you need a vehicle that has passenger seating for 5 or 7 people? Does your vehicle need to have a certain towing capability? This can help you to narrow down which vehicles meet your functional needs.
  2. Review consumer reports and reviews on different vehicles. Of the types of vehicles you are looking for, which of these vehicles are highly rated for safety, dependability, fuel efficiency and value? You can further narrow down the list of options you are considering by taking this step. Consumer reports and reviews are readily available online by simply searching for them.
  3. Define your budget. Every vehicle has a different cost of ownership, and if you are like most, you can only afford to pay so much money in your automotive expense each month. Consider the cost of gas, car insurance, car payment and vehicle repairs and maintenance when defining your budget. You can then research the cost of ownership for the remaining vehicles on your list. If you are like most, you may only have a couple of different makes and models left to choose from.
  4. The car’s style should then be considered. Function, safety, dependability and cost should be considered first before you consider a car’s style. However, the fact is that you will have to drive around in your vehicle every day, so you should choose a car that has a style you enjoy and that complements you in some way.

best place to find classified adsBefore You Buy

The above steps can help you to narrow down the choices available to one or two different makes and models. After completing these steps, you can then shop online and browse used car classified listings. Before you make a buying decision, consider following a few more steps to ensure you get the best deal on a car:

  1. Have a mechanic review a vehicle that you are interested in buying. Most mechanics will charge you for this service, but the cost can be well-rewarded as it ensures you buy a high quality vehicle in good condition.
  2. Shop for financing before you make an offer. You always want to make sure the monthly payment is affordable with your budget, so get pre-approved before you make an offer.
  3. Shop for car insurance rates online.

Used car classified ads a great resource to turn to when searching for a used car. Consider following these steps to get an affordable vehicle that meets your needs. By entering your ZIP code into a car insurance rate comparison website, you can quickly compare rate quotes. This can help you to keep the cost of ownership on your vehicle down.

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