2012 Honda Civic

The 2012 Honda Civic is one of the cars that the public is ready to experience. For the past thirty-nine years the Civic name has been one of the best selling smaller cars that are on the market. And with introduction of the ninth generation Civic, this trend is not going to cease. The new Civic is everything that consumers are looking for, they are sporty, good looking cars that are going to give the performance that people expect. However, probably the biggest news for Honda is that there are going to be several different versions of the 2012 Honda Civic that goes on sale for consumers. 


2012 honda civicThe first is the standard coupe or sedan Civic. This is the basic version of all those that are available. However, even though these are basic, people can still expect to get around forty miles per gallon from these cars. The introductory price of these new Civics has not been released yet, however, they are sure to keep with the mode that they always have in offering affordable cars for all those that need them. 



The company will be offering the two version of the Si Civic, which is the performance car of all the models being offered. The 2012 version is going to have even more power than past Si versions have had, which is sure to make them a fast seller off the lots. The cars are going to be equipped with a 2.4 liter i-VTEC engine that is going to improve performance drastically when compared to older models. 


There is going to be a version of the Civic Hybrid offered that is going to offer amazing gas mileage. The car runs off of a lithium-ion battery for a majority of the time when the car is running, except on those long trips. And the person can expect to get around forty-five miles per gallon with this car. Plus, they get the knowledge of knowing that they are getting a car that is considered a great way to save the environment. 


Probably the biggest news for the 2012 Honda Civic is that they are planning to release a Civic that runs on a natural-gas alternative fuel variant. However, whether this car is going to be available everywhere is still undecided. Those that are able to get their hands on one of these are going to have one of the newest technologies to hit the market in a few months. 


Honda is also excited about the Civic HF, which is one of their newer concepts that are going to become one of the Civic family. This car is expected to get around forty one miles per gallon. 


The company took this time to make a few changes to the looks of the Honda Civic in order to give it more edge and have it appeal to younger crowds. One thing that people are going to notice is that the fenders are changed. The fenders give the car a more sportier look that has a fierceness about it that it has lacked in the past. The cabin has been lowered and lengthened in order to make the car handle better through those tight curves since it is now sitting lower to the ground. Overall, most people are going to impressed by the new look of the Civic, it is still going to let people know immediately that it is a Civic, however, the 2012 versions are the Civic with a bit of attitude. 


Some great news for consumers that are interested in purchasing these 2012 Civics, is that Honda is allowing consumers to choose what they want in their interior. They are truly making it to where the new Civics can be completely customized to the consumer that is purchasing it. Which means that everyone can get the exact kind of car that they want with the added benefit of having one of the newer cars that are out there without having to give up their arm or leg as payment. 


With the history of Civic and the loyal consumers that follow the model, the 2012 models are sure to be of some excitement for them. The company is eager to start selling these as they do believe that consumers are going to find that they have reached out and made a car that everyone is going to love.


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