2012 VW Beetle Information and pictures

The Volkswagen Beetle has long been a car that many people have loved throughout history. For many people out there, there is nothing better than being the proud driver of one of these slug bugs. Most people associate the Beetle with peace signs, make love and not war signs and above all else hippies. However, as the new 2012 Beetle is going to show people, it has a bit more than that to offer to the consumer market. The new Beetle is going to have many changes to it to make it appear more aggressive to those that are looking at the car and those that want to make sure that they are no longer driving the hippie car only have to take a look at the new Beetle to see the big differences. 

2012 beetle

The new Beetle is wider and longer than the old Beetle, which means that those who ride inside the Beetle are going to have much more room, which could mean that the Beetle is going to appeal to those that want something that is small, yet can comfortably seat four. Because of the new size, the Beetle no longer has that rounded look that so many have come to love and cherish. Are people going to be happy with the new look of the Beetle? More than likely they are going to like the more edgier look that the car has to it and that they are going to come to appreciate this aspect, but it may take a while to get used to. 


Another factor that has many people cringing when they think of their beloved Beetle getting a face-lift is the fact that the new Beetle is not rear wheel drive. This is something that Beetle lovers had hoped that the VW makers would not change, but it seems that they have. The most likely reason is for fuel mileage reasons, however, most cars today are front wheel drive only and it could be that VW wanted to make sure that the Beetle was something that those in the United States wanted to buy. 


So is the Beetle something that lovers of the Beetle are going to consider in 2012? The outlooks seem to show that the United States buyers are going to like the car, the European market seems to really like it, which is saying something since they have long been those that buy the older Bug model. The changes were made in order to revamp the Beetle, not completely change it. The car still has the round headlights that people have come to know and love as those that belong to the Beetle, which is something that most people are liking, but without the rounded shape, most people are viewing this car as a Roadster and not a true Beetle. Still, with an estimated 54 miles per gallon according to VW, this car is one that many people are going to turn to simply because of the amazing gas mileage. Of course, this has not been proven by the EPA and their strict mileage requirements. 

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