American Automakers Make Big Splash at Detroit Auto Show

Every automaker had hoped to make a splash at the Detroit Auto Show that started earlier this week. However, probably the most hopeful were the big US names, GM, Chrysler and Ford. Good new for GM, as it did make itself known during the show, stealing the 2011 Car of the Year award with the Chevrolet Volt. The Volt has already won various awards including Motor Trend Magazine's award as well as the Green Car award, making it one of the top electrical cars to buy.


Ford also was able to take home an award with them, as the Ford Explorer was given the Truck of the Year award, which it has dominated for the past three years. All in all, it was a great opening day for the American brands as they were able to get the recognition that they had hoped for.


Detroit-Auto-ShowThese awards are just more than rewards for innovation and creativity, it also signals that the American automakers are making the comeback that they had hoped for. With the economic downturn and most American automakers having to declare bankruptcy, it was a time in which people simply refused to buy American. However, times are changing as the American automakers had hoped they would. The two awards show that American automakers are developing cars that are better than the foreign automakers according to professionals.


So what is this going to mean for the American automakers? Most of the top three automakers have already declared that they see earnings rising over the next three years, which is something that has not happened for years. Most of the analysts are predicting that they would see double figured sales growth this year in 2011, and more growth in 2012. This kind of growth has not happened since the 1990s, which means that there is still hope. Plus, many believe that the auto market is a great way to predict whether the economy is improving.

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