Overview of Detroit Auto Show

The 2011 Detroit Auto Show has been talked about for the last several months, long before it was set to begin. Everyone had high hopes that Ford, GM and Chrysler would be able to overtake the foreign models in terms of what was being shown and coming onto the market in the following months. Hopes were high going into the show since Ford had already posted a huge sales increase for a company that came back from declaring bankruptcy, while GM started to publicly sell stock and pay off government loans. So the question on everyone's mind, did the American automakers stand up against the foreign automakers? 


The answer in most people's minds is yes, the American automakers were able to blow the foreign competition out of the water at the Detroit Auto Show. Though, the foreign companies did have cars in the show, it was the big three American automakers that really stole the show. 


One of the most dominant aspects that was reinforced at the Detroit Auto Show this year was that in coming years cars are going to be smaller than what American's are use to driving. So what does this mean for the average driver? It means that they are not going to have much of an option in the future. The reason being is that car makers are having to reduce the fuel consumption that these vehicles are using. 

Overview of Detroit Auto Show

The biggest foreign car company that made a good debut at the Detroit Auto Show was KIA, which is something that is unusual from past auto shows. However, many of those that are professionals in the industry, state that KIA is going to be a more dominant factor in the car industry, while Honda, Hyundai and Toyota will stay have their places in the world. 


Overall, the Detroit Auto Show did prove calculations about the American automakers correct, they did conquer all. 

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