Audi Copies Chrysler Commercial

The advertising world in the auto world seems to be a cut throat world, with more and more automakers copying off of what the other automaker is doing. It is becoming a huge debate among the automakers, and the newest debate is for the Audi Avant 6. The Audi company debuted their commercial in Berlin and for those that witnessed it, they noticed that the commercial seems to be a rip off of the Chrysler 'Made in Detroit' commercial that features music and the rapper Eminem. The commercial is so controversial that many believe that they are using the same type of music with a changed tempo.


Chrysler is well aware of the commercial and they have stated that they believe it is awful that the automaker thinks that they can steal the idea and simply go on with it. However, they have stated that they are not going to sue the company. But, Audi is not out of the water just yet. Eight Mile Style, LLC is the group that is suing Audi, stating that they are using the music of Eminem and the concept without the permission of the rapper. So what is going to happen to the commercial that Audi has made?


The lawsuit is demanding that the commercial stop running and that the company pay Eight Mile Style LLC for the damages that they have received. A German lawyer for the company has said that they are pushing for damages since the Audi company did use the basic same layout as Chrysler did without paying Eminem for his services.


Will the lawsuit hold up in court? The two commercials do seem to have some uncanny resemblances that could make a person think that the other company has copied off of Chrysler. Therefore, the chances of Eight Mile Style LLC winning, do look good for the company. We are sure to hear more as the case progresses. 

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