Bill Makes it to the House to Cut EPA

A House committee has cleared a bill that keeps the EPA from regulating the greenhouse gases in vehicles and have passed it on to be heard on the House floor. What does it mean if this bill were to be passed? Those that are supporters of the bill point out that if it were to pass, then the price of gas could stabilize instead of steadily rising. They contend that when the EPA regulates the gases that the price of gas increases since more resources are used. By cutting out the EPA, they believe that the cost savings would be passed on to consumers. 


Lawmakers are predicted that the Republican house will pass the bill. However, others warn that the Democrats will not vote for the bill. However, there are those that are opposed against the bill. 


There are groups in California and the EPA point out that the EPA could enforce standards for vehicles much more efficiently than any other governing agency could. Therefore, by cutting them out, they are warning that the efficiency and quality of vehicles are going to decline when the automakers have no one to monitor what they are doing. So what are the automakers feelings on the subject? 


As of right now, automakers have not really given much of a statement regarding the bill. They have said in the past that they do not want strict regulation in terms of their cars manufactured, simply because it would pass on an extra cost to the consumers. However, right now they are answering to the federal government having each new car produced getting around thirty five miles per gallon, while also having to answer to the EPA in terms of their emissions. And in certain states they are having even more rules to meet, such as in California. 


The bill is expected to go into the house for a vote in the few weeks that are coming up, and then the consumers possibly could see a change in fuel prices, until then, they can expect to be emptying their wallet at the pump.

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