Controversy about Nissan commercial

The recent Nissan Leaf commercial is one that has gotten many people interested in the world of electric vehicles. However, for General Motors, they seem to feel that this commercial is a kick to the curb for them. The commercial was first reported on since it did seem to target the Volt as the option that people should not consider. However, General Motors said that the commercial is more than simply underestimating the Volt, they believe that the commercial is undermining the entire EV world. And just how do they figure this? 


General Motors says that the commercial is basically pointing out that the Leaf is one that runs completely off electricity and that this is the only option. However, they believe that those who travel frequently are going to find that the all electric vehicles are not something that they are going to be able to work with. But, in their opinion the commercial is stating that they are doing nothing better with purchasing a car like the Volt than if they were to keep their gas guzzling car. 



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Is this true? Nissan has said that the commercial was meant to inspire people to realize that they are relying too much on gasoline. Which is definitely does that. But, are they doing more harm to the EV hybrid's that are out there than good? After all, having a hybrid is better than keeping the gas guzzling vehicle. The public doesn't seem to be getting this message from the Nissan commercial. In fact, most comments and discussions going on are stating that the two automakers are making a huge deal of something that is not really not that big of a deal. Companies make commercials in order to make consumers try them out, and that is exactly what Nissan is doing. Chances are, we haven't heard the last about this commercial that is taking everyone by storm.


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