Mustang Getting Makeover

The Mustang has long since been one of American's favorite muscle cars. And the car is set to get a complete makeover in future designs. However, what is making this special, is that this car will be the first time that this car going to have designers implementing ideas from Australia, Europe and other locations around the globe. This is a common process that Ford is implementing into all of their vehicles in order to get a better understanding of what they should be putting into these vehicles in order to get them more to the likings of the consumer. However, over the years Ford has made sure that they are the only ones that designed the Mustang, but changing times call for changing processes.

Basically each design studio that is associated with Ford around the globe is going to design what they believe is the best Ford Mustang concept. The company will then meet and from each design take out what they like the best and use this for the actual Mustang. It is a long and detailed process, however, in doing so they are going to come up with something completely original. There has been no date released yet as to when the new Ford Mustang would hit the market. However, those that are close to the project are estimating an unveil in 2014 or 2015.

Ford has been conducting Mustang questionnaires throughout the globe asking people what they would like to see, and so forth. One of the questions that they have been asking is which celebrity from a group of pictures that they provide represents the Mustang. All around the globe the number one pick has been Steve McQueen. However, this also proves that people are remembering the mustang as it was in his movies, and that may just give some inspiration to designers around the globe that will be working on the project

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