Transportation Secretary Trying to Pass New Law

With more and more people trying to get the courts to pass laws that limit just what someone can do in their car, drivers are becoming more and more irritated. The irritation that these people feel is getting ready to escalate, as Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is advocating that cell phones not be allowed to be in use while driving. 


Many towns and cities throughout the United States, have already made it clear that cell phones cannot be used while driving since it does impair the driver from having two hands on the wheel. However, LaHood is taking this a step further and asking that hands free devices not be used either. He believes that the use of hands free devices still take away from the concentration of the driver. He is also wanting to ban texting while driving, one action that most people are applauding. 


The problem with what LaHood is trying to do has many people angry over not being able to use their hands free device while driving. Many people are arguing that the hands free device allows them to have both hands on the wheel, thus it is still safe. However, those for the movement are arguing that the driver is still distracted because they are talking to someone rather than focusing on the road. 


However, if we take this to heart, then wouldn't driving with kids or a passenger in which you talk to be distracting as well? Text messaging while driving is a huge no brainier, just don't do it. For those that believe it is fine look at all the accidents that have happened because the driver was texting and not paying attention. However, how many accidents have occurred because the person was talking on their hands free device? 

No doubt the texting will pass, however, the rest of the law could go either way. Drivers are not going to like being told what they can and cannot do in their own vehicles, which could pose a problem for law enforcement individuals.

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