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The Audi A2 is built to the same high quality as drivers have come to expect from the German manufacturer, Audi, and it is priced to match. The A2 tends to be among the more expensive cars of its type, but it is well designed and built to a higher specification than many of its competitors.


The Audi A2 is particularly popular with drivers who are downsizing from a larger or more expensive car. Many people buy the A2 after driving a larger model from the Audi range, in order to continue benefiting from the superior quality they have come to expect from Audi while enjoying a more compact vehicle. The A2 is ideal for people who are looking for a compact car that will be affordable to run, which is still a high quality vehicle.


The A2 has been constructed from aluminum, which means that its weight has been minimized. The A2 can weigh up to one third less than cars of a similar size, simply because of its aluminum body. This reduction is weight ensures that the A2 is easy to drive and that its fuel consumption is very economical. The A2 was the winner of the 2005 EcoRun race for economical driving. The use of aluminum in the construction of the Audi A2 has also allowed more precision in the engineering, so that the panels are more tightly fitted and there is more effective noise suppression. Since the body of the A2 is constructed from aluminum, it is completely recyclable. Together with the excellent fuel economy, this makes the A2 one of the more environmentally friendly cars.


The most popular version of the A2 is the SE specification. This adds climate control to the alloy wheels, four electric windows and the airbags (front and side) which are provided with the standard A2 specification. The Sport is a more expensive version of the A2, but it does not come with climate control. Instead, it offers larger, 17 inch, alloys, with sports seats and a suspension that is firmer, but less comfortable.


The Audi A2 is generally considered a reliable vehicle. The excellence with which the Audi A2 has been built means that it is likely to run well and be cheap to maintain. It comes with antilock braking, airbags and traction control as standard. The height of the seat can be adjusted, as can the position of the steering wheel. This, together with the compact size of the car makes it a good choice for young learner drivers.


The A2 handles well and provides adequate space for passengers and luggage. The interior of the A2 is smart, comparable to the more expensive Audi TT and A8 models.


The A2 provides enough room to easily seat four adults and their luggage, although some drivers may feel that they need more space if they regularly drive a car full of passengers. Since there are only two seats, rather than three, in the rear of the car, the A3 does provide each passenger with more space. There is also more legroom for passengers in the rear seat since the floor is lower than is usual for a car of this size. Riding in the A2 will therefore be a more comfortable experience for adult passengers. There is plenty of space for carrying luggage in the A2. It provides significantly more room for luggage than the Audi A3. The rear seat can be removed, while the trunk is more spacious than that of a Ford Focus or an A-class Mercedes. The floor of the trunk in the A2 can be slid out of the way to allow the space underneath to be used, enlarging the trunk.


One unique feature of the A2 is the service hatch or panel. Situated in the usual position of the radiator grill, this panel allows the filling points for fluids to be accessed without having to open the bonnet. The bonnet can be unlatched and removed completely if work needs to be done on the engine, but the service panel can be used instead for maintenance.


Some drivers may find that the windscreen pillars can obstruct their vision, particularly when driving around corners, but this is a common problem when switching to a smaller hatchback vehicle from a larger car and is not unique to the Audi A2.


The side sills are fairly high, which can make it awkward to get in and out of the A2. It is probably not suitable for drivers who often carry older passengers or people with limited mobility who may have difficulty entering and exiting the vehicle.


The A2 was originally produced between 1999 and 2005. Audi is now planning to create a new version of the A2, which will be powered by electricity and which could be adapted to the driver's specific needs through the downloading of app like programs to unlock different specifications. They are still in the research stage.


Many people who drive the A2 have fallen in love with the vehicle's high quality build, fuel economy and ease of driving. The A2 is an expensive car for its size, partly due to the use of aluminum in its construction. The quality of the build, the elegance of the interior and the economical fuel consumption make up for the price, however.


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2011 Audi A2 Review


The 2011 audi a2 combines generous space with a good driving performance and low fuel consumption. The 3.0-liter power plant on The 2011 audi a2 models, however, is almost 50 pounds lighter thanks to its extensive use of aluminum. At 220 horsepower, this second engine is strong – really strong. The result? A constant reminder that the greatest joy is the journey itself. Other 2011 audi a2 performance features include the five-speed Tiptronic transmission, which calls upon more than 200 dynamic shift programs to deliver the action of a five-speed manual without a clutch, and the four-link front suspension, which reduces unsprung weight. Also, at the core of every Audi performance sheet is five-valve technology that lowers emissions and raises driver exhilaration across the board.

Audi A2

The 2011 audi a2 also offers patented aluminum four-link front suspension with the "virtual steering axis" that keeps things smooth and comfortable. In terms of looks, the cars offer powerful tail ends, elegant cut lines, high belt lines, and front ends that are distinctly Audi A2.they offer wood or fiberglass trim, as well as dual- zone climate control, ergonomic seats, and, of course, second- generation Symphony stereos whose sound is second to none. A 2011 audi a2 body kit would only enhance features like these. What's more, with additional Audi accessories, you will want to take a number of 2011 audi a2 pictures and give them out to your friends.


Its lines make the A2 the car with the best air resistance figures in its category. In combination with the car's progressive light alloy construction, the two engine variations are particularly characterised by agility and economy. To 100 km, the power units consume 6.0 and 4.3 litres respectively. This makes for motoring fun with a sense of environmental responsibility at the same time. Now that numerous teams have worked on the development of the A2 for around 5 years, the idea has finally become reality. Take a look behind the scenes on this website. Get to know the many faces and stories behind the A2 – in the "making of" module or in the categories of design, technology and efficiency as particular values represented by the A2.


2011 Audi A2

Discover the roots of the2011 audi a2 – after all, that's progress too! The 3.2-liter version will be offered in Europe with Audi's Dynamic Shift Gearbox, which recently debuted on the TT V6. Boasting two clutches, it changes gear in 0.02 seconds at the prod of a paddle and without a pause in the power delivery. Audi U.S. was unable to confirm that DSG will be offered here, but it should take the plunge.


Just one petrol engine, a direct injection 2.0-liter, was available for us to test at the launch. Boasting 148 hp and 147 lb-ft of torque, Audi says it propels the A3 from zero to 60 mph in 9.1 seconds and on to 131 mph. Also on the petrol menu in Europe is a 101-bhp 1.6-liter, and the range-topping 3.2-liter V6 with 247 bhp. The entry-level model in the U.S. is likely to feature Audi's familiar 1.8t five cylinder. 2011 audi a2 has been called the definitive sports hatchback. And with its choice of 1.6, 1.8, 1.8 Turbo or 1.9Tdi engines, and a list of standard equipment that includes electric front windows, alloy wheels, ABS and front and side airbags, the Audi A3 isn't just one of the most stylish hatchbacks around. It's also one of the best equipped.

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