Chrysler Aiming for 40 MPG Car

Chrysler is preparing to build a small car that will be offered by Dodge. They are set to start testing the car this next half of the year. The head of production for Chrysler has said that the small car is set to be built in Belvidere, Illinois Chrysler plant starting in August. With the production of this small car for Chrysler, Fiat is going to meet the standards that the United States government has set in place to regulate just how much Fiat can purchase of their stake in Chrysler. And Fiat is planning to increase their stake through this production decision. 


The design work on the car has already been completed and they are simply ready to start building and testing these out to see if the small cars are something that the world would be interested in buying. Chrysler has said that they are really focused on making sure that this works for them. After all, it would be the first small car that Chrysler has on the market for consumers to choose from. And it could mean the beginning of a whole new market for Dodge. 


The requirements for Fiat to increase their stake in Chrysler means that Chrysler has to make sure that they have a small car that is going to be able to get forty miles per gallon. Chrysler believes that they are going to be able to get Fiat the stake that they want in the long run because they do believe that they are going to be successful with the car that will get forty miles per gallon. And they realize just how big of a deal that this could be for the company at large. 


Once the production begins and the testing has been done and everything is in tip top shape, Chrysler believes that they could have something to offer on a trial basis at the beginning of the first quarter of next year.

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