The Future of Chrysler

Those that have been following the auto industry since the bailout are more than likely very surprised with the results that they are seeing from Chrysler. In fact, many people in the Obama administration did not even want to bail out the small company since they thought that it would do poorly. Well, the joke is on them now, as the company is becoming a major competitor in the auto market and is one that most people are looking at when they are considering the purchase of a new car. But just what is it about Chrysler that they have gotten right this time around? 


After all, they were one of the few companies that reported making some profit during the month of May which was deemed a slow month for other companies. It would seem that they have taken a strong stance in advertising that has made people pay attention to the automaker. They have been able to take a losing company and strike up the kind of interest from consumers that has led many people to take that second look at the company. For example, their very risky commercial that they aired during the Super Bowl in which rapper Eminem played a major role in. The Chrysler 200 that was featured in this commercial has become one of the better selling cars that the company is offering. 


However, it is still a long road before those doubters of the company finally see the light. For starters, the company is going to have to find a way to offer a mid size car in the market since this is something that most people want in a car. Most people are pointing to the partnership between Chrysler and Fiat as being the key to making this work. Overall though, it looks like Chrysler, despite those out there that never believed it would happen, is going to have a very bright future. 

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