GM to increase Volt production

The Volt is one of those cars that is on everyone's mind. After all, with the ability to run on electricity to power the car and reduce the need for fuel, there is nothing about the Volt that is not to like. And many people are finding this out. And with this in mind General Motors has announced that they will be boosting the production of the Volt to 60,000 units per year in the future. Next month, the factory that is currently making around 16,000 Volts, is going to be shut down for four weeks. During these four weeks, new machines are going to be rolled in and the lines reconfigured in order to handle the new production level that GM has set. 


GM does warn that there is going to be a temporary shortage of the Volt's available for people to get for a while since the factory will be shut down for four weeks. However, once the factory is up and running, they do not believe that it will take very much time to once again catch up with the demand for the Volt. The plant is also going to be making the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu, that so many people are looking forward to seeing. While the plant will no longer be producing the Cadillac DTS and the Buick Lucerne. 


Right now the Volt is selling at a very steady rate. More and more people are turning to this car since it can go the long and short distances that they need. The company has said that by the end of this year the Volt is going to be available all over the country and in Europe, which could be why the company is pushing for more production of the car since it is going to have more demand coming forth as it becomes more readily available for people out there. 

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