Strike for GM May Happen

General Motors may be dealing with some problems that they soon do not want to deal with. At the Orion Assembly Plant workers have voted overwhelmingly to strike. This is allowing for union leaders to shut down work if there is no decision met that satisfies all those involved. Those that work at the Orion Assembly Plant are employed by LINC Logistics Company and work at the plant as a way for GM to cut costs on production. The UAW Local 5960 is representing the majority of these LINC workers. 


The plant is preparing to start making the Chevrolet Sonic, which means that if the workers do start to strike, we could see the production of the Sonic start out rather slowly, or not start at all. Though, GM says that they are not going to expect the strike to affect the Sonic production at all. However, most people are a bit worried that this will affect the production through a strike. 


The Sonic is set to replace the Aveo that has not been performing that well in the market, and with the Sonic they are hoping to make a statement in the small compact market that they did not get with the Aveo. The strike is not definite yet, the workers have only agreed that they would strike if the time came to do so. Right now, negotiations are in progress to meet some sort of deal that everyone can live with. Though, it is unclear exactly what the workers are wanting to go on strike for as of yet. Around 98% of the eighty-eight workers voted that they would be willing to strike. 


The chances of a strike are not unheard of right now, though it seems that most people are trying their best to avoid a strike if at all possible, which would be the best situation that is possible for everyone.

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