GM To Become Top Automaker

For the past few years, with the economic situation, GM has been out of the running for the best automakers. In fact, GM was not even considered to be one of the top three automakers in the United States. However, that may all change this year since GM has a real shot at being on top. According to sales figures from last year, the company came within 30,000 vehicles of beating out Toyota for the most cars sold in the United States. 


Why this sudden interest in GM? Well for one thing, Toyota was facing all those recalls thus this did affect their sales. Which did give GM the advantages of moving up in the automotive world. However, probably the biggest reason why people were turning to the auto giant has to do with the cars that they are offering that are up to the standards that most people want. 


GM has said that their goal is to overtake Toyota and be considered the best worldwide auto manufacturer. And the truth is that the company is well on its way. Not many other companies are hiring on more workers in order to increase production and introducing concepts such as the Chevrolet Volt which one of two electric cars that are going to be in competition against one another. Though the goal of GM is to become the world's biggest and best automaker, they emphasize that the consumer satisfaction comes first. That they are not willing to sacrifice quality for the title, which is yet another reason people are flocking to own GM products. 


GM plans to take the growth slowly so that they know that they are still the same company that everyone wants to own instead of rushing in for attack and dominating the market. One thing is sure though, GM is gaining popularity and in all honesty, Toyota better watch its back because GM is sneaking up to take the lead.

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