GM Sponsorship Goals

Using television to promote a new vehicle for automakers is by far not a new technique. It has been around forever. However, General Motors is having a few more ideas of just how they can use that television exposure to its fullest potential. GM is planning to increase their spending on television promotion in order to reach women. They already sponsor such sports as golf and baseball, however, not every women out there watches these sports. 


So to answer this they are throwing the ideas of a new project that will enable them to get more exposure to a different kind of audience. This project involves having the Chevrolet Volt prominently displayed during a reality show. Reality shows are something that are watched by a huge percentage of Americans, so all in all, it seems like a good idea. If the company does land the Reality Show deal, which they are currently in talks with a company to sponsor a show that is still under construction, then it would greatly increase their audience. 


The main goal is to reach that female audience, and let's face it, not all females watch sports, thus why GM is turning to the entertainment section of television. They have already planned to release a digital promotion for Chevrolet that will be tied into the Transformers movie. A movie that many people will go see because of its popularity. 


Though this is just making news about how GM is investing in entertainment, they are not beginners to the process. Last year, they did sponsor the 'Glee' episode that aired on Fox after the Super Bowl. The company will still remain in sponsoring sports, such as gold, Nascar and baseball. They have always been heavily involved in Nascar, just adding the Entertainment sector to their growing list of promotions. One thing is for sure, GM is back on its feet and they are performing well with the given circumstances.

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