GM Giving Workers Bonuses

GM announced a few days ago that they would be giving their corporate workers a bonus for their hard work in turning the company around. However, the company announced this week that they are planning to give bonuses to those hourly workers employed at their plants as well. The company plans to award around $400 million to its hourly workers, which is good news for all those that work for GM. 


This is surprising news and really has made GM the company that everyone is keeping their eye on. In 2009, the company had around $80 billion in debt to the government and most people never thought that the company would be able to come back from that. However, they proved the world wrong. Last year during the first quarter the company made around $4.2 billion with the future quarters of GM looking just as promising if not even more promising. 


It is calculated that most of the workers for GM are going to be getting bonuses of around $4000. Which is extremely useful for those that are struggling in the hard economic times that are around us. A small percentage around one percent is going to get more than that, around 50% of what their base pay is. 


GM is getting a lot of criticism from people because they are offering these bonuses when they still owe the government over $20 billion. Those that do not agree argue that the company should be worrying about debt before they even start thinking about bonuses to workers. However, GM has made it well-known that they are a changed company that is thinking of the consumer and the worker first. This just goes to show how they are dedicated to taking care of their workers. Is it right or wrong to offer these bonuses when they still owe money to the government? That really is debatable depending on who is being asked. However, good will among workers is important for continued success.

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