Mazda Leaving US?

For those that are loyal Mazda fans, then the recent news of Mazda leaving the United States may be a bit upsetting for them. Mazda has announced that they are ending their partnership with Ford, who the two work together at a plant in Michigan, each taking on fifty percent of the operating costs and so forth. According to sources that are close to the situation, Mazda is considering selling their half of the plant to Ford and then leaving the US altogether in an effort to reorganize their company. However, is this all just a rumor or is it real? 


Mazda officially announced that they are at no decision as to what to do yet. When the news came that Ford had cut its stake in Mazda to around three percent, Mazda then stated that they would continue to work with Ford. However, recent sales figures show Mazda losing and it could be this reason that they are rethinking just what they should do with the company. In fact, they reported a loss of around $742 million total. Which is a huge amount for any car company to ensue over a yearly period. 


If Mazda were to leave the US would those that want to buy Mazda be left with finding an alternative? It could be that the company would simply import some of their cars into the United States for people to buy. However, if they do this, then people can expect the price of these cars to rise slightly in order to offset the price of shipping to the US. Plus, it may be hard to find the Mazda that they had in mind. So what are the chances of this actually happening? 


Truth be known, no one knows for sure what will happen to Mazda. They could make a huge comeback without making any drastic changes to their inventory in the US. But right now, it is any one's ball game, so to speak.a

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  • Paul Pawlicki Says:

    June 23rd, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    Perhaps more and better advertising is the answer. I have owned 4 Mazdas they are 2 Miatas 1 Mazda-6 and one Mazda-3. I will only buy Mazda. I think most people do not know what a great car Mazdas truly are. They are great on gas, while being sporty. the thing is that I rarely see Mazda commercials. I sure hope they get this settled soon because I will only buy Mazdas.

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