Ford CEO Controversy

Ford CEO Alan Mulally is 65 years old, thus many people are expecting the reigning CEO to step back and let someone else take charge of the company. However, Mulally told reporters the other day that he has no intentions of retiring any time soon now that the company is back into the black, making profits. The reason that so many people are questioning is the fact that Mulally turns 66 soon, which is the retirement age for most people. However, Ford does not have a designated retirement age, thus the former CEO Bill Ford, who hired Mulally after firing himself, but still remains the Executive Chairman says that there will be no discussion of retirement until around 2025. 


Many people are giving kudos to Bill Ford who was able to see that something must change in order for Ford to stay on the up and up in the auto world. There are many that are complimenting him on having the brains to fire himself and lure Mulally away from his former company. Since Mulally has arrived at the company he has been able to cut the staff, brands and other aspects in order to put this energy and money into the new vehicles that are on the market right now that people are loving. 


However, that does not mean Mulally is not without some controversy surrounding him. His pay, which is ranked ninth among the highest paid CEO's is something that has upset workers for Ford, who gave up quite a bit in order to maintain their jobs, including cut pay and benefits. The UAW is even singling Mulally out by stating that his pay increases are morally wrong. Though, Mulally is willing to work with the UAW to meet a decision on the pay of workers, saying that he completely believes that the pay should be tied directly into how well the company is performing since they are a big part of why they are doing so well.

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