Ford Not Offering Big Incentives for Sales

Most of the automakers have spent countless amounts of money this year in order to push incentives for those that are considering purchasing a vehicle from automakers. However, Ford Motor Company is one of the few automakers that are not offering huge incentives in order to attract consumers. And according to Executive Chairman, Bill Ford, that is not going to change anytime soon as they do not plan to throw money at this option. 


Ford points out that they have put their position in one that they are not having to worry about pushing vehicles into the consumer market. Instead, they can get the full retail value of their cars because they have made it to where their cars are not be releasing right after one another constantly. Which is the problem that many other car companies are having, they are simply releasing too many new vehicles and then wonder what to do with them sitting on the lots, thus are forced to offer these incentives. 


In February, GM reported a sales lead of around 46% while Ford only reported a 14% increase. However, Ford does believe that they acted appropriately in not offering sales incentives that were off the wall. As Bill Ford said he believes that with the high prices of gas, more and more people are going to turning to smaller vehicles, and he believes that one of the first places that they look will be Ford. He also points out that Ford is ready to handle whatever comes their way now that they are handling situations better and just performing with the future in mind. 


Though Ford is not offering many incentives if any for their vehicles that are on the lots. They have made a step in the positive light in order to reduce the costs of their vehicles ,which is passed onto the consumers down the line. They have started using few suppliers and platforms in order to reduce cost. 

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