Honda Insight Review, Pictures and specification

With the hybrid market taking off, most automakers are trying to get their foot in on the market and make it their own. This is exactly what Honda hoped to do with the introduction of the Insight last year. Those that have seen this car from last year, or for the model this year is going to notice that right off the bat you can tell that this car was meant to compete with the Toyota Prius, sharing many cosmetic similarities between the two. But is the Insight the new hybrid that people should be keeping their eye open for? This is something that most people are wanting to know. 


Honda InsightOne of the best features about the Insight is that people are going to have three options to choose from in terms of models. There is the base model, which is the most basic version of the Insight that you can find. There is the LX model, which is the mid model, while the EX is the higher grade model. All of the models are going to have a 1.3 liter, four cylinder hybrid engine in them. However, most people are quick to point out that the hybrid engine that is in the Insight is not exactly a true hybrid, it is what people are calling a mid hybrid. The electrical unit in the car cannot control the car on its own, there must always be gasoline in the car in order to get it to run. For this reason, fuel economy is a bit lower, with the models getting on average on forty-one miles per gallon. However, in an effort to conserve more gas, the engine does shut off when stopping at stop lights or so forth. This is great, but for one aspect, this means that the air conditioning is going to stop as well. Which for those in warmer climates, could be a breaking point for them. 


Standard equipment on all of the models is keyless entry, fifteen inch wheels, automatic climate control, steering wheel that tilts, the driver seat is adjustable which makes it easier for those that are driving, and there is a CD player and two speaker stereo system in the car. So just how is the performance of the car since this is going to be one of the biggest reasons to buy? The max horsepower is 98, which is not going to compete with many hybrid's that are on the market. Acceleration, the car can go from zero to sixty in around ten seconds, which is by no means breaking any speed records. But, then again, those that are interested are not looking for speed, they are wanting to know if the Honda Insight is a good hybrid to consider or not? For those that are wanting something similar to the Prius, then they are going to have it in this car. However, it is not the Prius by any means. Since the engine cannot run alone on the electric motor, most people would not even classify this as a hybrid with all the other options that they have in the auto market. 

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  • Genki Says:

    September 11th, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    Ford puts its boot print on the rear quarters of the Camry Hybrid. The Malibu just henapps to be in the line of fire. The Prius isn’t a direct competitor because it’s a dedicated hybrid and it’s smaller. BTW. The 3rd gen Prius of it looks cool but I’d have to change the schnoz if I ever chose one though because it’s oogly. It would be cool as heck to put an Evo-esque fascia and a small spoiler on it with stripes on the side and tightened suspension Maybe 2 toned paint would be good..

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