January Auto Sales Rise

2010 was a year that the automakers were pleasantly surprised with just how well the US companies did, when compared to earlier years when it seemed the era of American made vehicles was coming to an end. Now that the new year has started, they are equally happy with the results of the sales that occurred for American companies in January. Hoping that the sales goals that were reached in January is going to be the start of what will be a record breaking year for these companies. 


Almost all of the companies in the United States, reported that they had double digit earnings in January, something that surprised them all. The change of heart was from the consumers wanting to trade in those junker cars in order to replace them with more economical and fuel conscious cars and trucks. Plus, it did help that car makers were offering some great incentives. 


Some of the most notable sales increases in January were the buying of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ford Explorer, SUV's that most people were looking at. In the smaller car section, the Nissan Versa and Honda Fit seemed to be the cars of choice. The sales of trucks and crossovers were still dominant in the market, the F-150 kept up its reign as one of the top pickups in January, as well as the Chevrolet Equinox making an impressive sales number. 


With the deals that were being offered, the sales were a given, however, what also helped the consumer market decide on cars to purchase was the low interest loans that were being offered by lenders to those that are looking for a new car or truck. With interest rates around two or three percent, people would be crazy to pass up such a low interest rate for a great buy. 


Overall, everyone is hoping that January is just the beginning of some great sales months to come and perhaps the reason to believe that the economy is improving.

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