Vehicle Sales Should Increase for June

In May, the sale of cars and light trucks fell for the first time in nine months, however, it seems that June is going to be a much better month for the sales of these items. Three research firms have said that the sales for June is going to increase from anywhere to eight to fourteen percent this month, which is good news for all those automakers. The reason for the drop in sales during May was due to the rising price of gas, the lowering of incentives that the automakers are offering, while also the part shortages that were coming out of Japan affecting everyone. 


They are predicting that the new sales of retail vehicles are going to be around 884,800 units, while this is a slight improvement over the sales in May. The studies are showing that the sales of large trucks and small compact cars are going to be leading the amount of sales that are going to take place in June. Are these sales something that are really going to come true? 


Most researchers are finding that they are lowering their standards on the predictions that they are making after being proved wrong time and time again with unfortunate mishaps, such as the economy becoming weaker and so forth. So the chances of these sales figures happening are quite high. Most people are finding that the sales are increasing, but the automaker is still in a tricky position in which it could go either way, which is making predictions a bit harder to make. 


The good news is that it does look like June is going to be better, thanks to the fact that part shortages are becoming a thing of the past, while automakers are trying to figure out ways in which they can offer more incentives in order to spur on sales, which is good for those that want to buy a vehicle this month.

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