Toyota To Stay at Half Product Until June

Every week it seems that we are getting new figures released on just how the process is going in Japan. At first, most people assumed that the giant automaker, Toyota, would be back on their feet in no time. Now, Toyota has announced that they will keep producing cars, however, they will be doing this at half capacity until at least June the 3rd. At this time, they will re-examine where they are at and decide where to go from there. There are many professionals on the market that is stating that those automakers, such as Japan, are going to have a long road ahead of them that is not going to be easy. At this time, Toyota is still having trouble finding around 150 parts that they use for the construction of their vehicles. 


The other automakers located in Japan that have plants, such as Honda, Nissan and General Motors are also feeling the havoc that was wrecked on the area from the earthquake and tsunami that occurred last month. As of right now, most of these plants are only operating on a limited basis. And because of these plants unable to function since they have no parts, the investors into the market are taking their funds out of the market, which is only causing more problems. 


Due to the aftershocks that are still being felt in the area, some of these plants are going for hours without power, meaning no production during these times as well. Many are wondering when the plants will get back to their normal operations? The answer is debatable. Many predict months, while others say that they would be surprise if they are back up to standards by the end of the year. Toyota has stated that they are contemplating not figuring their yearly sales and putting this off until they are able to perform at normal levels, which indicates that they are anticipating the half production levels to stay for some time.

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