Chevrolet Volt

The Volt is one car that most people are already familiar with given the publicity that Chevrolet has been shining on the car. And the main thing that people are asking is just what is the Volt? Many times they are getting this car confused with the other offerings that Chevrolet is offering, such as the Cruz. However, the Volt is a plug in hybrid that is going to run on battery power for about forty miles then switch over to gasoline power. The effect is that the person is going to get much more mileage out of a tank of gas. With this being said, the person is going to find that the Volt is perhaps one of the most fuel efficient cars that are on the market that is going to enable the person to make the most out of the car, including long trips since it does have gasoline power back up. Charging time for the Volt is around three hours when done at home. And in terms of fuel mileage, it really depends on how long the person drives. For those that are driving short distances, they may find that they can survive on battery power alone, thus eliminating the need for gasoline. 


For those that want to know just how the Volt works, then they should be aware that the Volt is going to use the battery for approximately forty miles until it is becoming depleted. Then, the gasoline engine is going to take over, however, through braking the battery pack is going to gain some of its voltage back and help with the steering and other elements to make the gas mileage must better than other cars that are on the road. The car accelerates quickly from being sitting still. Most people point out that the performance is typical of an electric car. The one thing that most people are not too happy about is the fact that the brakes are a bit touchy, and most drivers find that until the person is used to them, it is very easy to come to a stand still even when you are only wanting to slow down. 


2011 Chevrolet Volt

So what about the interior? The interior is meant to seat four adults, though those that sit in the backseat, are more than likely not going to be happy campers and they are going to be even unhappier with traveling for long distances due to the cramped back seat that they are going to have to deal with. Those that are driving for long distances and hauling luggage with them are going to have to pack light since they really do not have that much room to haul these things thanks to the smaller trunk. So is the Volt something that people should consider? 


It is definitely a hybrid that is one of a kind and one that is taking the world by storm. Since it does allow for the use of gasoline, the person does not have to worry about breaking down due to the batteries running out, which is a huge plus.

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