Chevrolet Volt Named 2011 Car of the Year

The Chevrolet Volt has been named car of the year by Motor Trend magazine. The magazine is citing many reasons for this decision, including the fact that the Volt is what they consider to be some of the most advanced engineering that any American automobile is displaying.


The Volt only switches to a gasoline motor after running for 50 miles on the electric motor. In addition, Motor Trend cited the value of the Volt to be better than other traditional hybrid cars, another reason for naming it 2011 car of the year. 


The awards that Motor Trend gives to automakers is one of prestige, and is often a great way to influence buyers to one model of another. No doubt, GM, the owners of Chevrolet, are excited to receive this award. As many people are speculating that this news will only help GM as they begin their initial public offering of stock this week. 

GM has already announced that they will be stepping up production of the Volt in order to meet the demand for the vehicle. Proof that perhaps the award is already paying off for GM. The original plan for GM was to build around 10,000 Volts for 2011, however, since they are bumping this number up, no one really knows for sure what the prediction is now since GM officials are keeping this locked up tight. 


Volt is set to go on sale soon, GM officials do not have a concrete release date. However, rumor is that they are waiting for the US Environmental Protection Agency to estimate the fuel mileage for the Volt before they begin releasing the cars on the market. 


With all the hype over GM currently, and now add in the Motor Trend car of the year award, GM could possibly be getting just the boost that they need in this rough economy, and to boost their stocks sales. 

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