Leaf and Volt Battle it Out in January

The sales for the month of January have been announced in the automotive world, and this will mark the first full month that the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Volt have been on the market. The two most talked about cars in the world of electrical cars since they are the first to fully run on electricity. 


So the big question is which one of these cars won the battle for best selling electrical car on the market? Both cars have had endless media coverage since they were first introduced to the world at their respective trade shows. The winner for the month of January was the Chevrolet Volt. This may come as a surprise to most people who expected that the Nissan would take the honors. However, the numbers have the Volt at selling around 380 units, while the Leaf only sold 87. 



But, why is the Volt much more popular than the Leaf? It could be the simple reason that the car is made by the General Motors company which has gained significant attention since the company did its public offering shares of stock. More people are willing to invest in a company that is trying to be completely owned by the public. Secondly, the incentives offered for purchasing the Volt were more appealing to consumers. 


nissan leafSo what does the future hold for the electric vehicles of the world? GM has said that they plan to increase the Volt's that they have in production, while Nissan is also making the same goals. GM plans to increase the number of units that they are producing this year to around 25,000, while hoping that by 2012 they can increase this number to 120,000. Nissan is promising to build 4,000 Leaf's per month and increase their distribution world wide. Right now, the two cars are only offered in specific states and cities, so the chances of seeing one of these on the road is slim, however, the future looks bright for both companies. 

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