Obama Announced Government Plans for Alternative Vehicles

President Obama has announced that starting in 2015 all the vehicles that are purchased by the government for government use are going to be those that are alternative fuel vehicles, hybrids or electric. Considering, that the government currently has around 600,000 vehicles that are considered part of the government fleet, this could be the way in which the world does start to take an interest in these types of vehicles. Obama announced this while giving a speech at Georgetown in which he told everyone that they could no longer afford to sit back and plan action when the price of gas rises, then back off of the situation when the price of gas lowers. 


Obama is also planning to cut the number of barrels of oil that the United States uses by a third by 2025. Taking a step forward, the plan to have the government driving hybrid, electric and other types of vehicles is a starting option that is going to have other people getting on board. In the past, the government has only purchased about 10% of their vehicles that would fit the new standards that Obama is proposing. However, it is entirely possible for the government to rely on these types of vehicles now that the manufacturing of these vehicles is starting to get more miles per charge and so forth. 


But, as many people have pointed out, now it is time to figure out just how the consumer world can be encouraged to purchase these fuel friendly vehicles. However, the jury is still out on just how this can be accomplished. Until that time, Obama is pushing for companies to take a stand and to utilize these alternative vehicles so that the dependency on oil can be lessened, while also improving the environment and giving the economy a boost. Hopefully, the consumer world will follow suit after these recoils become more affordable. 

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