Ford Not Out of Trouble Yet

Since the crash of the auto market and many automakers having to have government bail outs, there has been a lot of attention paid to these automakers in an effort to make sure that old mistakes are not repeated. Ford is one of those automakers that started to suffer in 2009, and today they seem to be doing better than ever. They are showing higher profits during quarters and so forth. However, professionals are warning that Ford, is by no means, in the clear yet. 


Agencies that are following the situation have reported that though they are trying to lower their debt, there are other considerations that need to be kept in mind. For example, Ford has said that their goal is to get back that investment grade rating which would mean that they are once again, a company that investors would look at with hope. However, they are still one three levels below getting this type of rating. The Standard and Poor's Ratings Service is the one that people are listening to because they are the utmost authority in the auto world. They have described in detail the many steps that Ford still has in their future if they want to truly become the automaker that they were before their downfall. 


These steps are including having at least $4 billion positive cash flow each and every year. As well as, keeping their profile in Europe in the positive range, which may be harder than they thought with more and more companies entering into the European market. However, the service did point out that the company is going in the right direction since they are reporting profits, while other companies are still trying to dig out of their debt hole. Most people are expecting that Ford will make 2011 an even better year that they have planned, and it will be good news for the future of Ford.

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